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ok i need help with fan sizes,

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Oct 13, 2001
these is the new case i have sitting in my room,

CHIEFTEC Full Tower Chasis for P4 and AMD Model DA-01W-420W- AMD Apporved Power Supply Front Accessible: 6 x 5.25", 2 x 3.5", Internal: 6 x 3.5" Power Supply: AMD Approved 420 Watts Power Supply Model# CWT420 ATX 12V for AMD and P4- No Case Fan! Compare to Antec SX1240 and Save Model#: DA

ok what size 80mm fans do i need? or does it matter i see 80x80x25 and then they have 80x80x32 will they all fit? and again i read posts about the "where do i plug the fans up at" posts. i am replacing my volcano with the alpha pal8045, it cannot be plugged into the mb right>? and whats the differnce between version u and t? and what fans do you reccomend?

Usually the 32mm will have less air restriction then a 25mm one. I'd go for the 32mm myself if it would fit. If not a 80x80x25mm Sunon fan is nice it pushes 50c.f.m. Take a look at www.sidewindercomputers.com Lastly if the fans are over 4.4watts I think do not plug them in to the fan header on the MoBo.
I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think the fan brackets on the SX series will take a 32mm. I'd have to check, but it seems the snap on the bracket that holds the fan will only work with 25mm. This isn't to say that with a little work the brackets couldn't be adapted to fit a 32mm fan though.
DEFINITLY x32 NOT the x25 fans!! I run two of these style cases and the Panaflo fans are working the best for me....

www.caseetc.com allows you to get them untailed or tailed.
if i'm not mistaken there is no 32 mm but there is a 38mm
EDIT: just check there are three size 80 mm fans 25,32,38mm