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Ok, its DONE...well, kinda..check it out!!!

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Dec 25, 2000
Check it yo! Remember the 6000BTU window A/C project I was working on. Well, its somewhat done now, done enough to see some massive results. I have already dropped 25F even under load. Radaitor temp is 54.3F, core temp is 69.9F.... YES! However, its not totally complete, as the 120mm fan is NOT powerful enough to keep up with the A/C's fan, DOH! So I have insulated ducting running from the output of the of A/C, and the radaitor sitting in front of it...and its making a MASSIVE impact in operating temps already. Hmmmmm....however, we are going to put the radaitor "into" the ducting, but the little fan just can't keep up, I need a DESPERATE suggestion to a MIGHT DC fan that will handle that kind of air flow...
I got your fan right here...
It runs off of 12V DC and you can set it to whatever speed you need, from 170cfm at 12V all the way down to +5V. It is available from Grainger. The fan, or more accurately blower is a Dayton model 2C646A. At 12V, the air rush is loud, but at 8V and less, it is very mild.

I have it cooling my CPU, GPU, Memory, Northbridge and providing case circulation in the picture, but you can also mount it up against the radiator also. The exhaust opening is 76x76mm and the mounting screw holes are a rectangle 60x100mm on center.

That almost makes you PC look like it has a tumor or something. :D
Well, I got this AXIA to run at 1.63Ghz totally stable at 69.8F and at 71.5F under heavy load. However, I have hit a wall, and I think its voltage related. I don't think right now would be a good time to jack with the fan and ****, I think its functioning perfectly now, (I made a few changes in placement and all that mess. I am scared to let it go (temp) lower then that, as I start approacing the dew point...BAD. ;D I am going to mess with it for a bit longer, but I think its functioning at about maximum right now. Unfortunetly, since the version of the bios I'm running screwes up the Vcore setting, and its not accurate, I have it set to 1.850, and it SWEARS its 1.79 - hmmmm, the new bios version is supposed to fix that, but when I flash to it, it screws my RAID controller to hell, and of course, as usual, Iwill has NO explanation as to why this is happening. Oh well. Still, a 300+Mhz overclock isn't to shabby. ;D
Someone be kind enough to lend me a digital camera, and there will be pics.... ;D No, but I am going to try my best to get some though, i'm just not sure how yet...hmmmm
Wondering in from general after seeing your post.
Sounds great, I would also like to see some pics, if you get a digital camera, or scan some regular pics. Also keep us posted on what you do with the voltage.