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Old hardware question

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New Member
Feb 14, 2011

New here ...
I've always used older hardware, trying to push it to see where it can go.
IIRC, my first OC was a P166 on a Soyo board 200+ Mhz. =^)

If you'll bear with me, I'd like to ask the collective of the forum about an issue I have.


I am currently using a sy-7vca-e mobo running an Intel sl4c8 PIII 1B 1000/256/1.7v processor and three Micron 133Mhz. memory modules (256+256+512).

The sy-7vca-e has a VIA 694X chipset, a PLL202-11xc clock generator and the lastest BIOS (2aa2).

It's working perfectly well with W2000-SP4 @ 750Mhz. (7.5 x 100Mhz.)


For some strange reason, the mobo's BIOS setup does not have the entries that the manual says it has. I cannot get it to run at 1.0Gb (7.5 x 133Mhz.) as the settings are missing from the BIOS. The only settings present are from 100Mhz. to 120Mhz. FSB and as we all know, the multiplier is locked.

Scouring the web some time ago, I read somewhere that the Soyo guys left the missing settings out for some stability related reason. Talk about misleading the consumer.


Since the Intel sl4c8 PIII 1B, the VIA 694X chipset and the PLL202-11xc clock generator all allow the [email protected], would it be possible to lock the chip to 133Mhz. FSB by disconnecting BSEL1?

This is a link with the PIII's specs:

This is a link to the sy-vca-e manual:

This is a link to the PL202-11 datasheet:

I thank you all in advance for any pointers.