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Old schooler needs some technical questions answered

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Dec 27, 2009
Hey guys. I was a member of this site back with Pentium II overclocking was big. I managed to get an Intel 500Mhz, up to 800Mhz which was considered insane back then using a custom peltier cooler I built.

Anyway. It's been awhile since i've done any overclocking and since then and the game has changed a whole lot. I've been trying to do some research and my wife got me a P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard with an Intel i7 920 2.66 Ghz Stepping D0 processor for christmas. I was very surprised by this as she is very technically illiterate.

Being a lucky guy to have such a wife, I've read of people overclocking this baby to 4Ghz easily. What I need to know is what type of RAM should I get to achieve this? Such as 1600Mhz or 1333Mhz, brand name. I'm looking for 3x2GB sticks. I'm planning on using this mostly for High end gaming so what ever configuration would be mostly stable for that. Also does timing still hold true for RaS = CaS +/- 1? ex. 8 8 8 = 23 through 25. For cooling I have Intel stock, or a Ruby Orb cooling solution. I have an E8500 currently using the Orb as it was the only thing able to keep the thing stable and cool enough at stock speeds! (And yes I know how to seat it properly. Rice sized arctic silver 5 compound spread thin and evenly.) If you do not think this would keep it cool enough let me know what I should get there as well.

So if someone could give me a budget RAM option and a "Money is no object" RAM option. And the same for a CPU heatsink solution. (Or tell me if my Ruby Orb would be good enough to cool it.)

Also if anyone knows of a Cool professional looking case I could purchase as well. I'm not into the Cooler Master mesh look so much.

Thanks for your time and answers.
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Feb 28, 2004
Fargo, ND
Tight timings don't mean too much any more. Going with some 1600mhz ram with decent timings would be something like these G. Skills.

I don't know too much about the Orb cooler. There's three or four very good coolers that will allow you to easily push 4.0 Ghz on a 920. Something like a TRUE (from Thermalright) or a Noctua will do the job. I used a Mugen 2 recently but I wouldn't recommend it.


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Nov 11, 2001
I have the ocz plat1600 and it smokes for the money will run 2100 plus with 9's and up to about 1800 with 7's


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Dec 17, 2000
Portland, OR
I have the ocz plat1600 and it smokes for the money will run 2100 plus with 9's and up to about 1800 with 7's
Besides listing your complete system spec's can you also post a link to your specific RAM, and also screenshots of it running at +2100MHz @ 9-9-9 / ~1800MHz @ 7-7-7? I'd also like to see what the sub-timings are at those frequencies, so can you also post pic's w/ CPU-Tweaker or MemSet open?

CPU-Tweaker / MemSet