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Old Sound Card Problem?

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Ok just got my new parts today
asus p4t-e mobo (no onboard audio)
1.6GHz p4 northwood
512mb rambus ram

when i fired it up and tried to install win 2k or xp it would lock up at the device page, so i figured a device was giving me problems, so i removed all cards xcept for my video card and installed 2k then upgraded to xp no problems, but when i loaded my network + sound card it would again lock up when it detected and tried to install drivers for my sound card, so i took it out it was a yamaha xg sound card ( at least 4 yrs old ) and tried my roomates old sound blaster ensoniq card (crappy) that locked it up as well, finally we put the card he runs in his system now in there - a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and it worked fine in my computer, im guessing my mobo doesnt like the older sound cards?? I ordered a SBL 5.1 today (gotta have music!!) but i wanted to know if anyone knows about any compatibility issues with those older cards and my mobo...
thanks in advance
p.s. my yamaha did work in xp before i got the new mobo so i know its not an xp thing...

Maximus Nickus

Senior Shaman
Oct 4, 2001
Milton Keynes, U.K.
Old Components never like new systems.

Different speeds, and there not designed for a modern purpose, not only that some of the PCI latency's could well be to fast for them.
If it was an ISA then your 100% assured you willl have problems, and certainly won't be able to overclock!

Good Luck,