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older compaq problms

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Nov 27, 2003
ok. older compaq computer: starts freezing randomly. itsnot mine, i have yet to see if its a hardware or a software problm.
HOWEVR, i susspect it is hardware.after freezing, she turns it off, and on again. the monitordoesnt turn on, as the vido isnt sending out a signal. if it sits for a few minuits and she tries again, it boots normally. untill it freezes again.
NOW, its never been taken apart, and they run a humidifier sometimes.
i think dust +moisture may have been the end of this compaq, if not that its a compaq in itself. (ha ha)

any ideas anyone? i wont be abel to truely test if its hardware or windows at fault untill monday.
i dont think anything new has been installed, i also thought it might be PSU.

However, last night i was picking the animal fur off my clothes after being there for a little bit, and i thoguht that maybe there is so much dust&crud in there, maybe a fan dies and its overheating? it uses a K6 or K62 processor, i have yet to take it apart and look inside. she says it freezes alot when its loading all the crap that starts up w/ windows, and when she is playing the sims. so i'm starting to think maybe her processor fan is clogged, or maybe it died, or maybe the heatsink is full of dog fur and its just not cooling the processor....that would explain the freezing, and i dont think it would start back up again if it were too hot...what do you think?
check in order of importance:

vid card
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I know 2 people who had k6-2 compaqs, and they both came with 120w psu's. They were definantly starved for power. I put some sparkle 300's in them and then dusted out hte heatsink and they were fine. The heatsink that comes with them is a dust trap. In 1 the fan had trouble spinning because the dust had piled up to it.
thats probly what happened. they have 3 cats and a dog, its never been opened and they used to run it 24 hrs a day...now they run it almsot 12...thanks for the hint!