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Older type of cooling, what you think

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Oct 13, 2002
Paris, Texas
I heard of an older computer from a old guy that worked on ibms in the late 70's. He told me of a computer that was cooled by all the motherboard and cards sumerged in a non conductive "gel like" substance. Then the "gel" was cooled by a type of refrigirating unit. It took up about 3x3 feet. At first i thought he just might be crazy then i thought it out and said that may work. What is your opinion?

P.S. Imagine what this type system could do it would virtualy cool everything. :drool:
I've seen total submersion cooling projects online before. A bunch of overclockers websites did them if they had the cash using a variety of nonconductive liquids. It was basically a chemistry lesson reading the damn articles. And like chemistry, I didn't pay attention.
yup, like lithan said, it is possible and it has been done. pretty cool stuff too. i made a funny. haha
I wonder how it would be done hey how about a fish tank. I might just try it on an old Pentium 200. That is just to make sure it doesn't fry my comp.:D
its like $50 a gallon or something like that. and you cant put moving parts into it like a HD or cd-rom since it wouldnt work. its not the best of solutions, but good for industrial use

3m makes some of the liquid. try a search. i know i saw a thread about this like a month ago
hmmm..you could very easily take that whole system put it in a mini freezer and not have to worry about condensation. that would be an O/Cing dream box practicly.

ps: shouldnt this be in extreme cooling?
The stuff your talking about is Florinert (spelling is off) and costs $500 per gallon! The only problem is that when it is chilled down to far, it does turn to gel and can quickly clog up your radiator and pump. CrystalMethod that is just the link I was thinking about but couldn't remember where it was.
Now you know that mineral oil (pure) is non conductive and much cheaper and would be set up in a waterfall like situation
Last i saw on this idea, some guys used submersion along with ln2 to go ultra cool, they had a chiller in there too, i forget how the whole rig worked but it was kinda kewl, not very practical for a home user tho.
country_3030 said:
Do you think i should go for it?

I dont think you should waste your time with this.
You are going to have to actively cool it with a heat exchanger because it will get warm.
Doing a waterfall would be pointless.You will also need a good pump if you want to pump this stuff around.It is a waste of time....