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Jun 29, 2001
Normal,. IL
Well, I have a couple of my new heat sinks in and I have started testing. I got my SK6 with ystech fan, and my Millennium Glaciator; the new Swiftech SCX-370 is on backorder (as well as my AS2 that’s supposed to come with it). Let me just say, that I am impressed so far, very impressed. After the quick demise of my Delta on my Globalwin WBK38, I have had a regular 80mm strapped to the top of it. Although, like that, I was unable to run at a full 1.4GHz due to heat. The system would hang on loading win2k, so I had to run 1.2GHz and only achieved mild temps. 38Cidle, 45C under normal load, and 53C while playing Tribes2.

I hooked up my SK6 yesterday and got decent results. 34C idle, 41C under normal load, and ~49C under Tribes 2.

Today I hooked up my Glaciator (which came with some AS2), and got surprising results. During boot, is when I end up with the most load. Usually around 48C on just about ever HSF besides this one. I barely made 40C. Wow! Idle temp is ~36C, maxed out at 49.4C on the 10th run of Sandra’s Burn-in running just CPU and Multimedia benchmarks. Under full load from Tribes 2 I only hit ~47C. I’m happy. Lets just see if the new fangled Swiftech can match. Props to Millennium. :)

Testing was done with my DigiDoc5, with a termisistor trimmed and touching the die under the HSF.
Ill write up a little more specific report once they are all in.
If you want to maximize the heat generated by you CPU use the 'CPU Warming' feature of the CPU Stability Test 6.0 utility found here. Run it for 10-12 minutes and your CPU will be at maximum load temp. It will warm your CPU 1-2C more than Prime95 or the Sandra CPU burn-in wizard and a few degrees more than a demanding game like Unreal Tournament (I've never tested Tribes 2).
nice research maybe you could retest after you get some artic silver. what is your stepping/code on the 1.2?