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On Bootup...

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New Member
Dec 27, 2000
WHen I first boot up my computer the temperature SKYROCKETS... I mean, in the 80-90C range, then once it is done booting it cools right down to about 40C.

Is this normal? And if it isn't how do I prevent it?
My guess would be the temp probe you have is screwy, what exactly are you using to take the temps?

Because 90*C and your board would be a pile of melted, smoking, sizzling, silicon.

In otherwords your temp probe is lying to ya!
I am using the program that came on the CD with my mobo...

VIA Hardware Monitor System v2.04

I guess it reads the therm. on my CPU. I don't know.

I have an ABIT KT7-RAID. What should I use to monitor my temp?
Does you machine ever get cooler than 40? We are talking centigrade here, right? It's normal for the cpu to get quite hot during bios operations, but it should cool off once it gets going. If you are seeing 40c at idle after it gets through booting, your heatsink isn't working worth a damn. It may very well be getting much hotter during boot, although I'd be surprised if it finished booting at that temp.

What are you showing for temp when the machine has been sitting idle for 10-15 minutes? During normal operation? What cooling are you using?
Well Jeff... how do I get an accurate reading of my CPU temp, then?

I am using the Thermal Orb heatsink which I modded (filed down one edge of it) to fit onto the KT7 board. I also threw the fan off the generic AMD heatsink/fan combo that you get when you buy the CPU ontop of the Orb so that I get more air to the CPU.

Now my CPU does have those little black rubber feet on each corner, you know the little cusions? Should I remove those or something?
If your watching the temps from the start of windows through your utility i cant about garuntee you its just a fluke, try downloading motherboard monitor, it may not do that. This seems to be just a irregularity in your system health monitoring. My a7v did this when i ran asus probe and MBM at the same time, just a fluke. Not to mention your computer wouldnt finish loading if it hit 90c, mine stops at about 45C, even stock it stoped at about 55C <bad heatsink contact>. Oh yeah, the feet, dont remove them, you'll have the worlds most expensive keychain (C)2000 Jeff Evans.