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On the Best Danger Den Water-cooler. How much of a difference does a peltier make?

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Jun 3, 2001
On the Best Danger Den Water-cooler. How much of a difference does a peltier make?

I see on their web page, the most expensive one has a 156w peltier unit with it. Given ive read numbers in the high 20's and very low 30's with the watercooler..... How much of a drop is likely to occur?

Also i read that you need 2x the wattage of the peltier unit to run it. Since im getting a replacement psu 431w, will my old generic 300watt cover it (assuming i can find a place to mount it in the full tower case)?
As far as how cold your psu will get with a 156w tec. It will make a HUGE difference. Even more so if your running an intel cpu. I was running a 85w tec on my PIII 800E. My temps with watercooling alone are around 29c @ idle & 33c @ full load. With the tec installed they were around 3c @ idle & 10c @ full load.

Be very carfull when you prepare your cpu for a tec. Make sure you have everything sealed of really good! If the slightest bit of warm air is allowed to touch the cold side of the tec or the cpu core condensation will occur. I have had it happen a few times to me. Make sure you do your research on this!

As far as a PSU. I used my Enermax 431w PSU. But that was only with an 85w tec. With a 156w tec you will need a 24v PSU. Just ask around in the "General Hardware Forum" and I'm sure you'll get a lot of help with that one.
On a hot 1.3 gig or faster Bird 10C to 15C drop at full load with a Cooling Cube. A bong cooler will drop your temps more. I should note that my results were with a VCore of 2.06 volts.