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One Internet Connection

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Oct 10, 2001
The OC, CA
Ok, well right now my dsl just isnt cutting it, we pay $50 per month for 1.5mbps/128kbps and it really runs at 400kbps/50kbps. So my family wants to switch to cable with 2.0mbps/384kbps. I am sure the speeds are about this, because my neighbor 3 doors down has it.

So would one cable connection be enough for My dad surfing the net, Aunt Surfing the net, Brother playing games and doing whatever he does in his room(EWWWW!) and me playing video games, running small ftp, playing xbox


should i get the business class connection and have 5 connections?


Jan 7, 2002
1 regular connection will be more than enough. Surfing the web really won't push your throughput anywhere near the 2.0 mbps, even if all 5 of you are surfing at the same time. However, if even 2 of you are trying to receive/send a large file at the same time then you will notice a decrease in your throughput.


Insane Overclocking Clown
Sep 17, 2001
Orange County
You shouldn't have much of a problem unless someone is using a p2p file sharing program. I have been playing a game online and watched my ping go from 50ms to 2000ms at 2 second intervals because my roommate had a p2p file sharing program on and people were downloading from him. Just be sure to turn off the sharing for that stuff and you won't have a problem in the world.