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SOLVED one more crazy idea

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I mentioned the refrigerator idea earlier but this might work better. how about using a refrigerator to cool a water pump system.

any ideas on this one.
i too had thought of it, but as i have not dabbled with wetcooling as of yet (soon my friends soon) its only a pipe dream. I have a mini fridge less than 3 feet from me and i figured if i drilled 2 holes for the pipes it would seve as a wicked cooler indeed. I was thinking about the whole comp in the fridge idea but you know im not Spode. I cant think of any problems with putting the wet cooling rig in the fridge as it would keep the water at nice cool temps. As ive said before ive never played with watercooling as a lack of money prohibits me but if anyone can see any problems please say i was planning to do this when i get a watercooling rig. (while away, december ish.)

even better yet would be to add antifreeze to your cooling fluid mixture and run your reservoir in a small deep freeze.... water temps of below 0 C would be possible.... just keep that water movin and you'll be ok.

do you think my celeron 466 would be able to run at 700 mhz at 0 degrees C. I've gotten it to post at 700 with my alpha heat sink/fan.

This fall I'll probably upgrade so I might build this as a test rig on my old system. I dont think it will cost over $70 to make since I already have the fridge.

It just sounds cool so I want to try it.