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Only YOU can prevent computer fires

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Senior Member
Jan 8, 2002
Well, today is my day off and I was laying in bed dead to the world. When a friend who is staying with me yells. "ALAN, YOUR COMPUTER IS ON FIRE" HUH? WHAT THE...so I run into the other room and there I see a brand new $2300 LianLi smoking, and the window is full of yellow sparks and flame. Well, after my heart started beating again I cut the power, opened the door and managed to make short work of the fire inside. Turns out that my roommate had left the cold cathode light on all night, and apparently it made a dead short to ground (aluminum case). Effectively making a little campfire in the pit of the case. It only errupted into flame about 10 steps before I got there, so everything is alright thank God. The poor thing is no worse for the wear...just minus a 33CFM fan, and one VERY CRAPPY cold cathode light. But I am thankfull my friend woke up when he smelled something burning...otherwise it could have been the whole computer...or even my house.

Still not sure if my heart is beating....


"The man in black fled across the desert,
Mar 13, 2001
probably just the computer

i dont think pc board burns all that well

you still would have been screwed

better thna my brother

walked into the room
i am overwelemdby the smell of burning electroics

brother is siting in there playing gta3 like nothing is wrong

HOLY#[email protected]#$ what happend

i dont know you computer made some sort of pop noise then it started to smell

i was going to call you but i just opened a window instead

get to it the dvd drive is spewing smoke and when i reached around to unplug it a big 4 or 5 inch spark shots out of the psu

thought i was Fed for shore

just thosue two thigns went bad ( and i think the ram got a good hit becuase its just starting to act funny)


Dec 24, 2001
uumm do we need to start modifing smoke alarms for our cases?
wow that sux man.electrical fires stink like crap too.
plus its good to know if i ever put cct in my case i wont leave it on all night.