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oops... there went a transister off my geforce2 gts!

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Dec 31, 2000
i have a elsa gladiac geforce gts 32ddr, and was scraping off the super glue on the gpu, when oops..... i popped off a small, light brown transister. so i say holy s@%$, but then cool down and said al'f@#$. after mubbling curse words to my self for 'bout an hour i realized, hey, i got an old soundcard w/ tons of little transisters. so armed w/ a soldering iron and a little electrical knowhow form my A+ class, i went to town on taking out some resisters/transisters (whatever its late in the night so my witz are numb). first one i took off was too big than the original, then the second one was a wrong color, then i think i found a match and soldered it in. so many of u will think, hey i bet he fixed it, well in the real world.... no. it runs, but not stable. i can look at websites but not dvds or play games or else it freezes. so i was wondering if anyone knows y it may still be unstable?
i was thinkin a driver prob. or somethin. it was broken before the whole resister thing too. i've already flashed the cards bios, and i have the latest NEDs, so whats da dillio?