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Open GL drivers?

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Feb 19, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
I have an older nvidia card and was wondering should I use the drivers from nvidia or open gl? I have used Open GL in the past for other cards and has been great. Oh yea it's a TNT 16 meg.

Just wondering which will give me better performance...

lemme know what you come up with cause i got a 16 meg TNT also and it always locks up in Open GL games but UT runes fine as ever
I am running the same card. The prob was Q3. With the TNT drivers there would be no video at all when I started the game, I could here the sound and here the cursor move. I installed the Open GL drivers and that seems to have solved the problem. Make sure you change your display to standard VGA and reboot first to remove the old drivers. Talk a bout lockups if you don't. Seems great now....

Good luck
Could yo please email me or explain the process to me and what drivers to use and where to get them-games such as Q3 and Unreal T play just fine- but games as black and white and 3dmark2000 all lockup-is the Open GL my problem?
I got the drivers from http://www.glsetup.com/
I use the web version that way you only DL the drivers for your device.

Go to display properties and select change adapter. Do not let windows auto select best drivers. Pick standard VGA. and then you should be prompted to reboot. When you get back into windows go to where you downloaded the GL setup and doubleclick on it. You will be prompted and follow the directions. You may be told that the drivers are not an exact match for your hard ware. I have noticed this on manufacturer or OEM cards no need to worry just continue. Reboot and it should be fine. This solved my problems but every setup is different. Mobo and other HW may have an effect. I have seen other drivers for the TNT card but have not tried them yet. I used the GL drivers on my voodoo card and was pleased with the results....
Good luck