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Operating Temperature

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Jun 17, 2001
With my new system I want to make sure that everything is okay, I am running the following system:

AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz 266fsb
Cooler Master EP5-6I31 HSF
MSI K7T266 Pro DDR Motherboard
256Mb DDR 2100 Crucial Memory
300W PSU
1 x DVD Drive
1 x CD Writer
1 x Voodoo 5 PCI Card (Powered)
1 x Quantum Fireball Hard Drive
1 x NIC (Only For LAN Party)
1 x Creative 5.1 Live Card
1 x AMD Approved Case
2 x Additional 90mm Case Fans (1 x Front Inlet, 1 x Rear Exhaust)

My BIOS reads that I am running about 48 - 49 Deg CPU temp and 42 Deg System temp. I know these reading are not 100% accurate but should the whole system be running a lot cooler. I think the Voodoo card might be the problem.

Any ideas guys n' gals?
This doesn't seem too out of line with the temps I've read in the AMD forums given your cooling, etc.. Is it OC'd yet? If not hopefully the temps won't get too out of control when you OC it.

p.s. looks like its gonna be a rockin' system...good luck with it :)