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Opinion on rheostats

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Nov 19, 2001
North Bend, Ohio
I don't care if it is against the rules. When someone provides great service and sells you something for dirt cheap they deserve a little credit.

I bought five (5) rheostats from Hoot. He wanted $26 for them but I gave him $30 'cause I figure he deserves a little something for his time. It's a damn sad commontary that he seemed genuinely amazed at this. The times we live in.

My review: First of all, you could have dropped the box out of the space shuttle and had the contents undamaged. Damn near had to hire a safe cracker just to get it open. After mangling the packing materal (Hoot old buddy, did you really need to use that much tape?) I sit here with one of the little beasties in hand. Nice little chunk of metal, very good quality. I got money you could throw it against the wall a half dozen times and it would still work.

Hooked it up to a 120mm Sunon I got layin here and you know what, I got a new toy. (Hey, after working rotating shifts for 23 years I'm practically a shut in, it don't take much to make me happy.)

Well, like I said, it may be against the rules but when someone goes out of their way to help others by God they deserve some recognition.

Thanks Hoot. By the way, does that place have thermisters?


I bought some from Hoot as well and they are Dang Fine Rheo's

I was lucky and got a couple 'Big Uns'....and just like you Hoot packaged them to withstand a Nuclear Winter ;)

You know there is already several Rheostat Threads on the same page, maybe look around and add to one next time instead of starting a new thread ;)