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Opinions, am I good to go, or should I mod some more?

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Senior Band Wagon Jumper
Jun 9, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ok, here's the set-up. Asus P3V4X, 512Megs RAM Apacer (Infineon), Celeron 800 on a slot 1 adapter (MSI adapter), generic high cap cooling fan and heatsink (fan is an evercool), InWin A500 case. The case has two 80mm fans up front (pulling in), one 80 mm fan up top (above the procsessor, pulling in), no exaust as of yet till I get more opinions. The problem I have is that, when I had my celeron 400, I had no problems with this set-up. Cpu was at 25-27°C idle, but 36-39°C under load. Now I'm the same at idle, and 31-35°C at load. I had to replace the stock Intel heatsink because it just wasn't cutting it, but it only got better by 3-4°C under load, idle temps were the same once again. I don't want to water cool (not yet anyways), but I do want to lower the temps of everything (case and cpu). I haven't as of yet cut blow holes for my two fans up front, and I haven't tried reversing the fan up top yet. I just want t get some opinions on what might be possible for me to do to my system/case to get it to run cooler. Oh yeah, the case top and sides are all one piece, making it REALLY hard to add fans on either side of it (top isn't a problem, just the sides). Comments, suggestions, poke fun at me, all welcome....well... be nice anyways.
balance your airflow for one, and two, what are you complaining about? Those look like great temps to me.
You know, I did much of the same a while back. Then, it was just a mess. To many fans and/or too loud. I moved on to simple watercooling (bong) and now I get a very silent 80mm and two 60mm fans running at 7v PLUS, the bonus slight trickling of water... not unlike those cheesy personal fountains you see on sale now.

Plus, it costs less to impliement and gets you temps below ambient and CASE TEMPS at ambient. :)

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