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Opinions needed before I blow this think up!!

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Aug 6, 2002
Opinions needed before I blow this thing up!!

Hey guys...I am trying to get this darn FSB up even higher. Currently I am stable at 204fsb. My AGP is at 81Mhz. Has anybody had problems (Geforce dying) with anything higher? My last Ti4600 was destroyed when I went to 82Mhz on the AGP. I want to try it again but I'm scared. Can this card handle 82+ Mhz?

Thanks for any and all opinions or facts!
I saw a review of this board. They were able to overclock this board up to 215fsb. How is this possible? Wouldn't the video take a dump at those speeds?
I really cant help you since that system is madly overclocked. U need to go to crazy OCers forum or something. Not many tread where ur going.
Last test was done.....13700's. I feel like this should be higher. I've seen guys with 14000's with the same fsb speeds. Don't get it. And I'm not complaining at all....very happy.....Just always wanting that little bit more.
That was my last test...with the 1-512mb. I have been trying diff combinations. System seems much more stable with only one stick of ram at 2.0cas. I just hate to loose the extra stick.
Well I guess now I have a reason to by another board and build my third computer. Can't let the stick of ram go to waste. Now!!!! if I can just convince my wife!
I am of the semi informed opinion that virtually all programs wont even touch the top 512 of ram in a 1 gig ram system, yet that memory must be adressed by a few CPU cycles every so often therefore slowing the system down slightly.

I have heard there are some special professional programs that actually do use more than 512MB but I dont think any games do.

MORAL: save the 200 bucks for that extra 512 and replace that GFMX vid card!~!