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Optimus Signature V2 on 9900KS update

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Voodoo Rufus

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Sep 20, 2001
Bakersfield, CA
Here's a few pictures of today's project. I was running my Silicon Lottery 8086K on an Optimus V1 block with a 6 watt Laing DDC (open impeller). It ran nice and cool at 4.6GHz on stock volts, loafing at 60C or so.

Today, I made a few changes. I swapped the 8086K for a 9900KS. The 6W Laing didn't cut it for flowrate, so I got a 10W DDC 3.1 to boost the flowrate. The Optimus V1 was changed out for their brand new Signature V2 block. Both are gorgeous hunks of awesome. My radiator is a HW Labs 280mm Nemesis GTX with 4 Noctua 140mm industrial fans running at 750-1000rpm, with gaskets to seal around the radiator.

The flow rates are far higher with the new pump/block combo.

As far as the Optimus blocks go. I was amazed with the first one at the build quality. The V2 builds off the first one and it just a beautiful piece of American craftsmanship. It is easily the finest water block I've owned in almost 20 years of custom loop building. The flow rates are great and the install is as easy as you could want.

I'm currently stress testing the rig and having some bios crankiness, but here's the temps so far on Prime95 with AVX enabled:
Water temp: 33C
CPU temp: 87-100C
Fans: 1000rpm
Clocks: 5GHz, throttling to 4.8 sometimes
Wattage: 127W TDP, pulling 260W continuous.

Wow this booger runs hot, even on a custom loop! I'm going to double check my TIM application, but there's essentially no temperature headroom unless I de-lid and run this chip naked. If I did that, I wonder how well a Cathar Storm G5 would do on a modern naked die compared to the latest and greatest fin-flow block.





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The 9900ks is soldered, so even with naked die cooling, imo, you wouldn't gain much.
I guess what you need is more surface area to dissipate that heat load, either more rads or a bigger one if you can fit them in the case.

BTW, i love the look of those blocks, the polish v1 looks even better but i guess the performance on the v2 is better being new and thicker and with a higher fin density, flow rate.
The more I play with these modern high core density CPUs, the more I think the problem is not only with IHS issues, but simply trying to shove so much wattage through such a small die area. 250+ watts through something that's 1.5-2 square centimeters is a lot to extract from the silicon through all the thermal interfaces to the water. My water temps at 33C and my ambient is 22C. There's also a pretty high difference in temps between cores. I have one core that is significantly better than all the rest at 85C or so, while all the others do 95-100C.

The polished look of the V1 is sweet for sure. But I think I prefer the industrial look of the plating on the V2. Not as easy to get dirty.
Yes, of course. :)

Should be noted I only get the nasty temps on AVX loads. Standard loads is 75-80C.
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