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Jun 18, 2001
Winston Salem NC
coming into a bit of money and I have decided the noise of my system is untoleratable any longer!

I have a few Ideas, but I am stepping into the dark arts here!

First of I am desperatly wanting a new case. my internals are excedding my expectations for the moment, but that will change of course!

my original Idea was to purchase the Koolance 901 http://koolance.com/products/product.html?code=CCS-A08 as I really need that amount of space. I like the setup looks clean and I wouldn't have much of a hassle moving into this case. As i read reviews on they setup I am finding that this is a very nice ENTRY setup. Now I am not currently overclocked much right now cause as i said I got some cash coming and I plan to get the Barton 3000. with that said I want to push and pull the crap out of that CPU along with my new ATI Radeon 9700. I run the MSI KT3 ULTRA ARU and plan on getting another gig of RAM. I have looked into other boards, but I am totally happy with what I have currently (nothing on the market moves me enough to upgrade just yet)

Anyhow i looking into the cyro systems and was well impressed, but was left asking a few questions.
#1. what about the HDD, RAM, Video, Chipset cooling?
#2. Power consumptions
#3. Noise level
as the cyro only cools the CPU would the addition of liquid cooling on the other components seem a bit over kill? If the cyro's compressor is as noisy or even close to as noisy as my aircooled WTF god is sub zero temps when my goal is noise reduction.

if I go with the Koolance rig, would any imedate upgrades be a good idea in order to push the barton as hard as I can go. Is it possible to even upgrade the components of the Koolance system? would it malf the cooling electronics?

I guess what I am truely driving at here is this. I want to upgrade the case and reduce noise @ the same time. I want to go with a more active cooling system than I am currently running. I want to move from my crapped cubby hole @ home and move the system to the living room with the rest of the family so noise and apperance is of utmost concern.

I am not afraid to hack, solder, bend, mold, mod, burn, stomp, or trash anything :p nothing is sacred around me!

your thoughts on this would be appreciated. I wouldn't say money is no object her I have roughly 1000 USD to spend on the whole setup, but cheaper is always better around here as long as quality isn't sacraficed. Looks are important to. the wife will refuse to have a tupaware box and collant lines running all over the living room. I already have a local automotive rebuilder/custom shop lined up to paint whatever I purchase to my specifications. (we did some trading for some digital artwork)

please feel free to post your recommendations and dream shop with this. I am planning on writing up and article and a step by step article on the whole process!
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Apr 30, 2002
your message is too long. most people don't spend time reading this long of post. you've stretched it too long... Most people will enter your thread, take a quick glance at it and notice it's too long, and then leave your thread.

shorten your message and the thing called "simplicity, while maintaining good information". That's the concept. ;)
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Aug 18, 2002
I'm more of a custom guy myself - would rather build my own WC system than get one like a koolance. My case is a bit on the smaller side, so I just have a heatercore, Danner 500gph pump, and my waterblock. Tight fit with 5/8" & 2x1/2" tubing ;)

With watercooling, air movement around the socket is drastically reduced, so I usually incorporate 5 or 6-volted Panaflo fans for air movement with very low noise( 2 12v in series = 6v). I usually have one on my hard drives, and one blowing torwards the RAM & power circuits on the mobo. Fan on the side panel, pointed at CPU socket area usually fixes this problem, and at 5 or 6v, you won't hear it, especially if it's the lower noise models.


Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
You will find that most around here prefer to do things themselves....but if you want to buy a complete water cooled case take a look at the Swiftech QPower- possibly the best water cooled case you can buy pre-made.

Or build your own setup (its more fun that way if you like working with your hands.)

You also mentioned cryo systems: if I had that kind of money to toss on a case there is no question that I WOULD get a Prometia.
Water cooling the other components in a Prommy probably would be overkill, but that is no reason not to do it :D
It would be interesting to see what kind of results you get in a cryo/ cryo AND H2O comparison test too.....


Jan 17, 2003
New York
Damn if you have 1000 USD to spend, and want quiet..... damn

Go for that lite-on server case (fs-020 ) not the worlds prettyest case (you can work with it i am sure) and stuff in all the 5-7v 120mm fans you can.

Also get an ehiem pump. That should keep the system quiet, and provide enough flow to keep your cpu, gpu, and nb cool.

You could always go for a Prometa, or a Vapochill, but post in the extreem cooling section for that stuff.

Good luck