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Orb bashers plz read

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Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
I have an orb, it isnt the greatest i know...
It is a god heatsink and was a great heatsink when it first came out, it has just aged (still use a pentium 2?) NO, well that is what ORBS were made for, Pentium 2 generation. They have been moded to be used on current systems, but are still made originally for the P2 generation.

look at the overclockers that have used the ORB, so many have and with great success. And that is a fact. But once you get near 60 watts of heat, the orb just cant keep up. But then again when the best CPU's were pentium 2's (686) 40 watts of heat was the max you would ever see, and good luck getting a chip that fast to radiate 40 watts
ORB eats 40 watts

So what i am saying is, it is your own damb fault for using a heatsink made for a 686 on a 786 (p3, alone exspecaly as it is a toster oven) that puts out more heat than the heatsink was made for.

So who has a FOP right now. Tell me that you will use it on the next generation CPU's coming out. (64 bit as 786 is all we will see)

Even right now i dont think they are the greatest heatsinks, they use deltas, way to load, bleading ears suck, but the best we got right now (well almost as they 2 are aging and new heatsink mop the floor with the fop's)

So stop bashing old stuff, i really dont get the point.
Hey 486's suck
It may be better thier, but, this is were all the ORB bashers hang out.
1 new thread a week min is started just bashing the ORBS
It's Orb Bashing Time!

The Orb's do look cool but thats about all they are good for. I don't like the clip either. As for it being old I have an original Alpha Pal 6035 and it is at least as old as the Orb prob older and it still gives great preformance. If you buy a quality product in the first place it'll survive the test of time.

As for present coolers being no good tomarrow. I think cpu's have reached a peak in heat production. I mean really if the next generation was to be even hotter machines would be to loud for the average person who doesn't mess with hardware and just buys a "factory machine" because of the fans that would be needed to keep it cool. So todays coolers should age well.
The original orbs were probably great in their time, but someone discovered the look and thought it was cool. Suddenly, everybody and their uncle was making some sort of orb. They are inefficient for today's CPUs and nothing can change that fact. The clips are dangerous, and nothing can change that, except a new clip design. Any other cooler that becomes obsolete or is inefficient deserves to get bashed, too. I don't really see much point in trying to defend what is now a piece of crap.
yeah, telling me how good they were for PIIs is pointless. Sure they were, but my computers that I overclock are not PIIs, but rather newer celerons and durons. So why can't I bash something that is not effective anymore. The orb never was an efficient solution, it has too little surface area for that. Its like telling me how I shouldn't be bashing the crap out of an old car, sure it was good in its day, but by now, its crap.
Some HSF's age well some don't, and the Orb definately don't. If we are talking old cars here the Orb would have been an Edsel.

P.S. Posting about the Orb in this forum is like wearing a red shirt , walking up to a bull and flicking his nads ;D
Considering that this Forum is mainly used for advice, the Orb bashing did serve some purpose when I first came into overclocking as it stopped me from buying what is by your own admittence a cooler unsuitable for todays CPU's.. this statement however vaild is not relected by the company producing them as on the packaging I do not recall seeing "not suitable for current CPU's" or anything similar..
The reason I believe that there is Orb bashing has nothing to do with its past history but where it stands today, while the company producing them shows little compassion towards users by producing in effective coolers and mounting devices that can damage the CPU.
There are many users who have lost CPU's to the OPB and without need, due to what is a poor design. How many of these CPU's have been replaced by the company?.

Let the Orb bashing commence

This forum is a place where people come looking for advise from people that know whats going on or who have a little exsperience in this field, when some kid or anyone for that matter ask's hey i'm thinking about using an orb for my overclocked system what do you want me to do lie to him! no i wont do it! i will continue to tell the truth and try and point them in the rite dirrection, honestly the orb without lapping is no better then a original HSF and i would not recommend that either, even if your on a budget theres still no reason to use this HSF as you can get quality ones for just a few dollars more. When i bought this PC that i'm using in my sig I did not know FSB from CV and that was just 6 months ago but even before overclocking i still wanted a cool PC i went to fry's and i had an Gorb in my hand and i was getting ready to buy it and a salesman walked by and saw me with it and said hey you dont want that there garbage and he pointed me to a coolermaster which in its self is not the best but its the best they had. I'm so happy that the salesman stopped me now that i know what i do, i'm thankful to him as people in this forum are when they find out that there bad for AMD's and highly overclocked Intel products. I understand where your coming from i'm using a coolermaster which is at the bottom of th HSF food chain but it's doing a good job for me and ive seen others using it with just satisfactory results. Even though i'm getting good results i would still not recommend this cooler as i know it has allot to be desired but the orb's are even worse and i will continue to let fellow overclockers know the truth about a bad product when i see one and face it the orb family is a bad product.
First of all, the ORB was NOT designed for the PII. The PII was encased in a cartrige. The ORB cannot be mounted on a cartridge cpu, so that explaination goes out the window. That said, it had to be designed for socket 370. Given that even when it came out, it wasn't even close to top of the line, how could anyone expect it to stand up to the test of time? If you take a cooler like the thermoengine, and put it in a NON overclocked system, you could use it on cpu's for the next couple years(assuming cpu's keep putting out more and more heat) and not have any troubles. The only reason why I could see someone buying an ORB cooler is because it looks cool(in their opinion, not mine), but if you're buying heatsinks because they look cool...wtf are you buying heatsinks for? Just buy a retail cpu and use the stock heatsink, it'll probably perform better anyway.
Firstly to re-iterate what has been said above;
1. Thermal Take PROMOTE the use of the Orb for socket A procs upto 1.5GHz!
2. While it may control the max temps in performance tests its real problem lies in the fact that it allows procs to heat too rapidly and cool to quickly which in the long term is going to lead to core cracking.
I have used one (and lost a Duron 800 to its stupid clip) and tested one extensively against a FOP and it is a BAD HSF.
dunno260 (Jun 03, 2001 03:30 p.m.):
Spewn (Jun 03, 2001 03:20 p.m.):
First of all, the ORB was NOT designed for the PII. quote]

i have seen sloted orbs for sale.

The point was that if you're using an orb on a socket cpu, it's NOT the same orb that was designed for the slot cpu. If all they did was hack it up so it would fit on a socket cpu, all the more reason to bash thermaltake :p
it was made for a socket 370, a design they copied(poorly) from elsewhere, it was an OK replacement on the first celeron. yes we here know they arent made for p3's and athlons etc etc, and dont perform worth jack on them, but why is it thermaltake keeps claiming they are and sellinb them? when i see a heatsink labeled as socket a compatible, i expect to see the performance that would be reasonable for a socket a cpu. or fc-pga for that matter.personally i think thermaltake is basically taking ppl, on the fact that the only thing their heatsinks are worth is the look, which isnt even cool anymore since everyone and their dog has one
I just got to bash the orb. This is my chance to vent some frustration. In order for me to get a warranty on my processor I had to buy the Company RECOMMENDED golden orb to go with my socket 370 PIII. First let me say it's broken, second let me say bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash.
I want to know who's great idea it was to have you twist on a heatsink. Like that's going to do wonders for the top of you cpu die. How many gorb users don't have the blue stuff on top there cpu any more. It's a poor design and I'm sorry someone RECOMMENDED it to me. BASH BASH BASH it's dremel tool food.
i got silver orb and its ****

cpu temp 65 C i did get it whne they came out was supose to be all good butn now its good for baking eggs on it plus im geting new hsf next week and from looks of it ill need to hook up some robes to take this **** of my mobo cauze its imposible to do it good they have webpage to explain how and its still not safe.
WTF temps over 65C do you people even use thermal paste? And if you kill A P3 with an ORB, make that any CPU except for a duron or t-bird, it is your own dumb fault I have put my orb on my copermine-128 many times, not a single problem ever....

My temps... i CAN'T get them over 40C running a C2 633 1.65v @ 1GHz(9.5x106) 1.9v, what is up with that? (did a backside mod in my case lowered temps 3-5C, current case temp is 22.5(says my digital thermometer) , that is what i am getting with my ORB, sucking up 38.7 watts of heat.

I wouldn't recommend a GORB to anyone myself, they suck for new CPU's. I even said they suck in my 1st post. And the only reason they keep making them is because people still buy them. NOT ONE OF YOU WOULDN'T EITHER, look at it this way, people are willing to buy old products from you, you already have the stuff to do it, so it doesn't cost you anything extra, and you keep making lots of money this way....

So if people keep buying the ORB they will keep making them. That is why they still sell them. So now all we have left to do is, stop bashing them, and let these poor outdated heatsinks goto rest.
whether amd or inetl recceomends them or not does not chaneg the what thermaltake markets them as. and as far as a gorb vs a real heatsink... my temps of my p3 700@[email protected] with as were around 45 degrees, at full load, 40 or so at idle. i got a REAL heatsink(alpha pep66) and i was able to get up to [email protected] and have idle temps as low as 28 degrees and full load temps of around 35-37 degrees. there is no way you can tell me that thermaltake should be able to get away with selling those things. what's even WORSE is the 7-8 dolalr orb knockoff i see in stores that have shown to perform even WORSE that are specifically marketed as thunderbird and duron heatsinks. not every nd user is sophisticated enough to go hunt down an official recceomendation list by a manufacturer.

ppl can bash ms for windows, so why cant i bash thermaltake for making an inferior product and marketing it is something it clearly wasnt meant for?