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Ordered my Radeon 64 DDR w/vivo today. Hope I did'nt make a mistake!

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
I ordered it this morning. It will be replacing my trust but rusty V5 5500! I want faster 32bit color. As well as something that plays a lot smoother. The V5 is a good card but it's time for a change. I will miss having FSAA as I hear the radeons is horrible. I'm just hopping that I'll be able to up my res a bit while still maintaing smooth game play to make up for it a bit. I also hear that the 2D quality is AWESOME! So I'm looking forward to getting it.

I must say I'm a little nervouse though. This is my first venture into gaming without a 3DFX video card!
if you play at 1024x768 you can get awat with 2 samples fsaa and if you go to a lesser resolution you can do the 4 samples im running the radeon on a t-bird 900 at 900 right now and i play a lot of driving games.right now im trying out the latest drivers for the card the 413 7131 so far so good.
I am also in the market for that card. Been looking around on the net, mind telling were you purchased your card.
I was running one up until week when the 3D engine apparently went out (have 2D but no 3D) and upgraded to a GeForce 3. Even the G3 doesn't compare in the vividness of color that my VIVO had but it has speed to burn over it.

Getting an RMA on my Radeon so it will take a seat in one of my other PCs...no way will a card that good make into the retirement anti-static bag.

It's not exactly all that fast...I have a GeForce 256 DDR that smokes it in benchmarks (except 32-bit) but still doesn't compare to the visual quality. It's a real good gaming card in my opinion. Just don't try and get into a numbers game with it (3DMark) because it wasn't made for those apparently.
No you didn't make a bad choice. The picture quality is far superior to anything nVidia makes. It's a little slower FPS wise but whoop-de-doo. Anything over 70 FPS is a waste.

Go ahead and argue the FPS thing all you want. 70 FPS is ultra smooth in ANY game.
How are the visuals compared to the V5? And speed wise from all the benchmarks I've seen it wups on the V5's. Ecspecially in 32bit color! Looking forward to getting it though.

Also my dad just made a deal with me. He would pay for me to get my Asus A7A 266 w/ T-Bird 1.2gig if I redo the roof on his garage. This baby should fly then. And I need it now anyway as my Almighty BE6-II has Died!