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os affect on temps

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i recently installed 98 se.i had been using 98 first addition from my old system but getting errors from propriotory programs(thanks alot bill)installed according to them at microsofts request.anyway ocing was limited by temps being in upper 40's at idle and over 50 under load at default voltage but as soon as i booted up 98 se the temps dropped 10c according to via monitor and confirmed by sandra.is this a fluke,or has anyone else noticed this upgrading to another os? now i run it at 933 133 x 7 at 1.8 volts and temps are fine????????? never getting over 40c with the same haetsink fan(globalwin that came on the mobo).this is to strange.
Is that just the idle temps, or the load temps as well. The idle temps could have dropped because 98SE might do better at telling you cpu to stop working than 98FE. If it's load as well...I don't know. Wouldn't think that it would be cause the software isn't cooling the system at all...and when you're using the entire capacity of the cup then it wouldn't matter what you're processing...at least, that's what I would think.
Yeah, that's the halt-on-idle routine. 98se, ME, 2000 all support it. It's kind of a mixed blessing. Keeps your components at a nicer temp during idle, but subjects the CPU to more rigorous mechanical stress if you're constantly up and down, up and down... The greater the difference between up and down, the worse it is for the CPU. Running an underpowered or undercooled peltier is a good example of extreme ups and downs. I just finished screwing up a 1.0G/266 Tbird doing exactly that. I was experimenting with air cooling a 156W peltier. It would drop to -10C at idle and rise to +40 under load. Two of my L1 bridges went inop after that session. Yet another lesson learned. "Experience may be the best teacher, but it is also the most expensive!" I'm not sure who wrote that, but it sure rings true, here in the OC'ers world.