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OS2 warp not dead yet..

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DocClock aka MadClocker

Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Stockton Cal, USA, Earth
I didn't even know it was still available..but I was just reading that IBM plans on supporting it untill 2006.
I still want to try it out, because I heard that it is truly bullet proof..and with hpfs I understand that you can crash it till doomsday, and it will not corrupt your data on the hdd, and I understand that it is the OS of choice when it comes to atm's, nuke power plants, and other mission critical app's.
I heard that IBM has been updating it regularly, so it is up to date when it comes to emerging technology. I have almost every flavor of windows, and dos, and have a few different distro's of linux. So I feel my computing experience will not be complete without trying out what Mr gates ripped from Big blue. (actualy they collaborated on it till Bill came out with windows).
Another versoin of OS2 is called Ecomstation, and I hear it is the "fluffy" version.
Has anybody tried it lately? If I get a chance to pick up a copy, I will test it and see how it fairs...I already know that the registry editor is about the same as windows.


Jan 2, 2002
i bought os2 warp a couple of years ago, had problems in the setup, grew impatient, and gave up ~~~ better tune up that floppy drive!!!