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Our stats page

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@ssjwizard, @Khiljaezpz, @ATMINSIDE

So.......... what do we need and from who to get some momentum going on this? So far, it looks like we have at least two people with the skills to make it happen/getting started and some initial ideas, but hasn't been started. Is there something we (OCF) can help with?

For those who know, what would be the order of operations here? Do ssj and khilja need to talk offline (need our admin's help)? Let's attach the cart to the horse and go! :rock:
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I would need whomever is going to drive the project to contact me and explain what they're looking for in the way of assistance. I can write javascript, either vanilla or in a framework (prefferably React), but would need someone else to bundle it (webpack or whatever you want to use).

I feel the best assistance I can provide at the moment is coding the API calls and/or processing the response objects into whatever you want displayed on the client.

I would normally (when I used to have a development environment), not need assistance in packaging the client, but I'm still using a 2012 macbook pro that I cannot update the OS on, and therefore have no access to the xcode required for these utilities. I will eventually have a new development machine, but I don't have a concrete timeline for this.
Love to see the development chops in the team. :) Good luck to all involved getting this rolling. Is there a github repo? Would love to star and follow.
Do we know how to scrape the data? Is that the best way to get it? How does one get all of that data from F@H? Do we have that part or is that the part that is holding us up?
They have the links to download that have the team stats, as well as user stats and the current time. Well i think its every few hours. So it doesnt show increases, from one segment to another,
but what the current totals are now. Beyond that i think it would be up to the site/server of the stats to keep track of how much it increased and whatnot. Anyway, The link below is where the stats are.
On the left side of the page.

If that is what you are talking about and want to look at it. extract the txt file and open it with Emeditor or Notepad++. With Emeditor after you open it you can right click anywhere in the document,
then click on CSV/Sort and click on Tab seperated. It will put them in columns to make it easier to read. I would imagine that the notepad++ would do the same but im not sure as i dont use that one.
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