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Outside mounted power supply

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Jan 27, 2002
Anderson, Ca.
Taking the heat of your power supply out of the case should lower your case temps? Mounting your power supply on the outside of your case will decreace case venting but a replacement fan, blow hole, should take care of that. What do you think?
I think that maybe just taking the covering off of the psu might be a better idea. That way there is no danger of something happening to it becuase its outside of the case, and it will stay very cool. I'm probably wrong, but I don't think that a well ventilated psu would raise case temps that much, as long as the case has good air flow of course ;)
I think the power supply will only heat the case up a little, and not the air cooling the other stuff, so the difference should be small. An equivalent fan in its place without the obstruction would improve air flow...

Am I the only one that gets electrocuted by holding power supplies when they're on?
(Don't ask why. It involved a very small case)
I thought the damn things were supposed to be guarded against that.
I have seen the "Outside" mounted PS. It was an article I think on the website.(O/C.com)

The guy drilled the mounting holes on the reverse side of the PS, and just mounted it in the same place. Just outside the case.

Made more room inside the case is all. Probably helped cooling too.

Hope that helps.(?)

considering the psu is usually at the top of a case, where the hottest temps are, i dont think it would really lower your ambient case temp....

heat rises, so that hot air from the psu really wont affect the case if you have the fans in your system set up correctly (one in the top for exhaust, regardless where in the top)

also consider what that fan in the psu does...it takes alot of that heat away, so i think doing this is just an exercise in futility, as you will find that your temps will lower a minimal amount, if any