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Oven tricks

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May 7, 2011
I think my heart isn't into this build as I'm really making a hash of it (as they say around here).

I've got a 96GB V-Color RDIMM kit that I'll be water cooling. I've replaced all the spreaders with Bitspower's double sided DDR5 kit. That in and of itself fits well and went well. I used a coffee mug warmer on its lowest setting to heat up/loosen the stock spreaders. One, which may have been the one I forgot about, may have been over cooked and left on well too long...and that's completely my bad. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to which one it was so can't 100% be sure the one that's no longer being detected is the one in question.

On the assumption that I didn't overcook it, and further assuming that maybe a bad solder pad developed while prying the original spreader, anyone ever rebake a RAM module in the attempt to restore it? Much like the GPU days doing something like this, perhaps I'll get lucky.

No I will not use my real oven for this.

Yes, I'm an idiot. :LOL:
I baked a stick of ddr4 once before, I was getting random bsod and memtest would fail random tests even severely down clocked, I don't remember what temp and for how long but it worked though I only used it for a week until my replacement got here, it past 12 hours of memtest but long term I don't know how long it would really last. I know with GPUS and the temps they reach the oven trick is a very short lived but memory doesn't get that hot so who knows.
Well, the good news is that V-Color make it relatively painless to order replacement modules. I had to call them to prompt a response (yay for good and inexpensive VoIP service) but were very helpful at that point.

I really need to pay attention. Fried another one. :poop:

Turns out, you can get them from V-Color without the heat spreader. That would've been good to know ahead of time. Now you know. :)
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