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Overclock and then reinstall OS?

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Top Hat Theater

Jul 24, 2002
Lost in Thought
Just curious but when you guys are overclocking a new chip for the first time and don't know it's limits, do you generally reinstall the OS after you've found where the chip is stable?



Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
hmmm i dont know exactly what you are trying to ask but for me i always run stock speeds when i install a OS and am getting everything set up. this way i can eliminate all possible probs


Dec 24, 2001
no you dont need to reinstall after u oc it.
a differant speed chabge doesnt affect the os.
as with some programs out there that let you change the fsb in windows.

but id say if u have a chip and oced it to its limits especially its fsb limits and didnt get any hd corruption you are lucky! ive had days i had to reistall windows 4 times within 24 hours.

Dark Disciple

Aug 29, 2002
The Wildside
Nope. I install OS and all drivers, tweeks and updates first. Then when I get the system running the way I like, I install Image Quest and make a snapshot of my system so I dont have to reinstall the OS again unless I REALLY make a mess of things.

Then OC it.