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overclock q9550

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Nov 7, 2016
Hello, this will be my first time overclocking i would really appreciate if you can help me.
I need to set bus to 400
Vcore at 1.22
CPI 100
what about dram?
i want it at 3.4 ghz

my spec are
CPU: Intel q9550 2.83 ghz
Asus 560ti gtx dii
RAM: 1X4 DDR3 1600mhz
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smaller?you mean short ?
P.S. i tryed to overclock and prime 45 sends me error after 30 min of running... Im doing something wrong....
Your text was smaller on my phone for some reason... looks fine here. :)

Are you doing something wrong? Likely...

What are you settings? What have you tried? You really need to give us some information so we can help. But really, reading that guide, maybe twice, is going to help you understand the fundamentals you need to accomplish your goal. We are here to help, but, you have to give us necessary information first, and it really helps (in level of effort for those trying to help) if you read the guide and had some understanding of what was going on. :)
Ok so i will post screenshot of my bios

After i set up bios i started prime95 and after 30 min it stoped and showed some error(didnt take screenshot) temperature with this setup and prime activated was between 60 and 69


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You need to adjust the Vcore, not the termination voltage. That is one problem...

Brother, read the guide. Again, we are here to help, but, you are missing the most basic of knowledge (which is found in the guide) it seems which would help us help you in a more efficient manner.
ok i have read again the guide but you gotta understand me its a bit confusing for me . I run prime 45 for now no errors but one core of proccsesor is going 10 c more then the rest.


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You have a big spread there... perhaps the heatsink isn't mounted right? Try reseating the heatsink and reapplying the thermal paste and see if that helps. As it stands you are at the thermal limit on one of the cores if you noticed... ;)

Can you please create a signature and list your complete system specifications... this is including power supply, heatsink, cpu, mobo, ram, case and case fan orientation...
Cpu INTEL Q9550 2.83 GHZ (standard cooler)
Asus 560ti gtx dii
RAM Transcend 2x4gb 1600 mhz with cooling
Power supply thermaltake tr2 500w
Motherboard Gigabyte EP45C-DS3R
i changed thermal paste few days ago, now i turned off overclocking to check the temperature and i can see there core 3 still has 2-3 c higher then others
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You are not going ever have all cores the same temperature. It is common to have it a few C off.

Either way, you are really at the limit temperature wise when running Prime 95. If you want to overclock, you will need a better cooler.
Ok i though i could overclock at least to 3.4 with starndar cooler...Thank you for your time
You really do want a better cooler. It doesn't have to be a tremendous cooler for Core 2 quad. You can get away with an Arctic Freezer 7 which can be found for like $15 and is S775 compatible.

It seems from reading your thread that you did not read the OC guide, also that your cooler was not mounted correctly (Sometimes when you're new to intel's blasted infernal push-pins, you think you have pushed all 4 through and there's actually one loose). But it sounds like you remounted it and it's ok now?

Pick up a better cooler and read the guide. It is very beneficial with Core 2 to increase the Bus speed as much as possible and overclock the CPU. Makes for a much faster system. With an old platform like that you can use all the boosts you can get. For the $15 investment in the new cooler, I say its worth it.
hello guys again. so i finally got some better cooler and i have no problem with temperatures any more ,so i wanted to ask you cuz i cannot find my ram on internet i wil post screenshot of it. On hwmonitor it show it runs on very high voltage?
P.S. I upgraded gpu to 560 ti and now i can see my cpu is bottleneck my computer so i had to overclock it ,now preformance are bit better in passmark score but still not good enough..


prime95 3 stress test success 1 fail... probably need to increase or deacrease voltage of vcore? tempertaure didnt go more then 65-70
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Please download and install CPU-z. Run the program and post pics of these tabs: "CPU," "Memory" and "Spd."

We need some more info. It would be handy to know what stepping your CPU is as the thermal limit (TJMax) of those varied somewhat from stepping to stepping. But 95c would be probably be a safe number not to exceed.

I would probably say keep it 90c or under in your stress testing for longer periods. You can add vcore with that in mind to make it stable.

What cooler did you wind up getting?
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sorry i didnt get it what it has to do with temperature ?temperature are fine now check the last post i posted,i asked if this https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.ne...=4db04d56f2a1ffe586229da2b357f0f9&oe=583A3AFC is normal voltage of ram 1.968 even if the everthing is on default (2.83 ghz no oc) i have same voltage...And also https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.ne...=2929ab415b7f9edc3c58743403b3f30f&oe=583A2FCA test 4 sends error ?should i lover or increase voltage right now its on VCore 1.21
q9550 thermal limit is arround 90c ,no problem about that in it doesnt go more then 75-80 in stress test but test number 4 sends error Fatal Error: Rounding was 0.5 Expected less than 0.4 .
cpuz https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.ne...=a5bd16fba325c2250dc7b37bba1874da&oe=583B5E87


https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.ne...=4b957cf9253e787aa6f6b5417105cfa2&oe=583A5704 15231572_10210608633788447_767650457_o.jpg 15182414_10210608642508665_678394149_o.jpg 15215953_10210608633548441_1772838328_o.jpg
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Please attach the CPU-z tab pictures directly to your post instead of linking them to a web site. If you click on each tab you will see it gives information different than the other tabs. I am requesting to see the information in these tabs: CPU, Memory and SPD.

Like this:


  • CPU tab.PNG
    CPU tab.PNG
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  • Memory tab.PNG
    Memory tab.PNG
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  • SPD tab.PNG
    SPD tab.PNG
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How many sticks of RAM do you have installed on your motherboard? I notice that you are running your RAM in single channel mode which hurts performance. If you have two sticks then you need to move one of them to another memory module slot to change to dual channel mode.


  • Single Channel.PNG
    Single Channel.PNG
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running test 15 min this are result
P.S. only 1 stick of ram 1x4gb ddr 3 1600


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Okay, I answered my own question. I looked back in your first post and saw that you only have a single stick of RAM. That's not good for performance. It will definitely throttle that CPU and will cause any overclocking of the CPU to have much less effect. You really need to look at getting a dual channel kit. "Kits" have matching pairs of sticks that are more likely to be stable. The modules would have been produced at the same time from the same batch of silicon. The two modules need to be the same to ensure they will function together in dual channel mode and be stable.