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Nov 9, 2002
Hi, I'm a new *registered* user on this forum, but I've been reading it for quite some time. Anywho, can anybody predict what kind of an overclock I'd get with my setup? As my signature says, I have a T-Bird with a K7S5A (this board has no multiplier settings in BIOS, so a bridge cutting technique would be necessary). I currently have a chitty Dragon Orb 3 mounted on my CPU, and the T-Bird's stepping is AYHJA-9.

I'd really like to stay away from boosting up the FSB, as the motherboard is pretty crappy as it is now, and an FSB hike would probably cause extreme instability.

Also, if I were to do a multiplier mod on the bridges, is there anyway I could get back to the normal state of the CPU? Is there anyway to do, dare I say, a temporary multiplier mod? I'm afraid that if I cut the bridges I'd permanently change the multiplier on my CPU. All help is greatly appreciated.



Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001

Welcome to posting on the forums!!

FSB is still probably your best bet.

If you cut all the bridges that control multiplyer... L3 and L4, then you could paint bridges and configure any multiplyer you wanted. When you wanted to change, you'd just erase a few bridges and paint some new ones.

I'd have a jeweler do the cutting or someone with some mad skills. Its all too easy to shatter the cpu or cut too deep.


Nov 9, 2002
Ahhh... so you're saying that no matter which multiplier I'd like, the L3 and L4 bridges will have to be cut?

Also, how well would an Orb do with overclockability? I hope to get at least an AX-7 some time soon, so that might help.

Or maybe I should just wait until the 1800+ Thoroughbred B's are released... *sigh* I'm lost. Thanks for the help!

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
There is a way to make the motherboard support multiplier changes, but it will take some soldering, there's a thread over at xtreme which discusses the XP2100+ chip, and in one post the guy elaborates about the ways you can mod your mobo, to support XP2100+ unlocking, and a bunch of other stuff including adding some dipswitches for multiplier control, it sounds pretty good idea to me, I still don't know why people want to cut bridges so much? It's at least as dangerous I think