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Overclockers.com Android app to SD card?

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Apr 26, 2012
New York, USA
Can it be done? Has this been asked before? I googled, but got nothing.

Basically, the option to move to SD card in my App Settings is grey'd out. I read that it's because of the way Tapatalk works, but the cached data is half a gig on my phone with 4GB of internal storage...

I just re-installed it and that got rid of the cache, but usually the cache is a good thing. I'd much rather it be on the SD card.
I can't move it either, though my cache is in the kb of space and total amount was like 25mb total for the app.
I can't move it either, though my cache is in the kb of space and total amount was like 25mb total for the app.
Same. 24Kb of cache, 25.04Mb total.

Odd you have such a large cache... Isn't there and option under "Apps" in the settings menu on your phone to clear the cache?
What's your device? Rooted? I've seen scripts that will swap the SD card and I ternary storage of a phone, maybe that is a road you could go?

Lacking a script made specifically for your device you will still be able to accomplish such a switch by customizing the fstab , but that is about all the help I can give there. Every time I touch an fstab I break stuff ( it's not complicated, I just don't have those kind of skills I guess)
HTC... Big surprise :) the small internal storage is a common issue of more than 1 (maybe all) HTC devices. If you aren't against rooting, it is usually a straight forward process, but will void your warranty. With that said I ha e rooted several devices and have never had one break because of root. Backups are HIGHLY important in fixing issues though. It can't be said enough: if you root, make a nandroid (backup image).

If you would like to not root, it is unlikely but perhaps possible to edit the fstab. You will likely be locked away from it without root though. The common (though not required) location is /etc/vold.fstab. Try reaching it with a file explorer like androzip or ES, or maybe even a terminal emulator (if your Linux terminal skills are up to snuff)

And lastly, because I never answered your original question, I don't even have the option to move it to the SD card listed (not grayed out or anything), and I don't know how to move it over there either :)
I think I figured it out. I'm pretty sure the app saves the pictures I look at by tapping them in the cache. I don't know for sure, though. At any rate, I have the clear cache option in the app settings now, so I shouldn't have this problem again. Maybe I was just blind the last time.