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overclocker's cooling disease. who else?

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Jun 11, 2001
Union City, CA
i know others of you out there have this same disease i have. i like to call it the overclocker's cooling disease (OCC). why is it that i wake up each morning looking for a solution to make my comp cooler and faster. why cant i be happy with my 1.1 ghz when all i do is sit in front of my comp, talk on AIM, read these forums, listen to mp3s and play counter-strike? whats the need for all this speed and memory bandwith when most of us (atleast i don't) never utilize what we have. why must i never be satisfied with how cold my CPU is. i feel like one of those old guys that have porches and never drag race the little kids in the civics who think they're better. what is my answer to these questions. OCC. who else has it??
It is in the human nature to try and push things past the limit. If we didn't why didn't we just stop at 486's and go no further.

Its the challenge that does it for me. How can i get it to go faster, what do I need to do to get it stable.

I am currently working on a cpu and closed case cooling system to run the cpu at about -19 and the case at about 35.

IC's run better when they are cold.

I also do a lot of 3d work ie 3d stuido max, it takes a long time to render.
Heh, you tell me. I've built a bong WC even though I don't need it till maybe I get a new comp a year from now. My P3@840Mhz is doing well just with air cooling and can't be O/Ced anymore (I'm very sure). However, it was a good refresher on the stuff I learnt in heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics class...