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Overclockin my Voodoo32000

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hey its all safe... you should start by going up by 1mhz each step and when u start having freeze ups and fragments lower the mhz
I had mine at about 155 with just a heatsink on it, once I added a fan(7000 rpm proc fan) I was able to get up near 175 depending on the weather. Good luck.

I can get up to 197 with very little articfacts and 195 mhz is perfectly stable and fast
I have a friend who runs his Voodoo3 2000 PCI at 166MHz 100% stable and with just a 486 fan glued on with superbond. And there is no artifacts what so ever.
with my voodoo 3 2000, ive removed the original heatsink, scrapped off all that solid glue stuff (with isnt thermally conductive...for some stupid reason its there) and then i put on a bit of thermal compound, and 4 dabs of superglue ..one in each corner, then i attached a 486 heatsink....quite big...then attached a 486 heatsink fan and can now run it at 172mhz....thats good for mine cos b4 it would only get to 167 before messing up.....some people have better cards from a better batch, and by carrying out what i have, you may be able to reach 190-200mhz.....its not impossible and ive heard of it been done....good luck!