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Overclocking 9500Pro

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Jan 1, 2003
St. Charles, Missouri
Was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to cool this puppy down, and to get a better overclock with it.

It appears my memory is limited to around 305mhz, but the core seems limitless, I had no problem jumping it right up to 340, but I'm leary to go any higher because of possible heat issues.

My first question--- AGP voltage selectable in the BIOS: Does this have any effect on the ability to overclock the video card itself? Or is it just the voltage for the AGP bus itself?

Cooling? Right now I have a moderately sized stock heatsink (a good 2x3" at least), and one of those cheapie 0.75" fans. The card is an FIC A95P for those who may know the particular cooling solution.

Will I *have* to cool down the core further in order to get a better overclock-- or is it chip limited not cooling? How extensive should I go with cooling to get the best possible overclock on the GPU? Is there aftermarket ones that fit right on without too much modification? Or should I just buy a heatsink and apply some kind of adhesive thermal paste?

The last questions deals with the memory. The board I have appears to come with infeneon chips rated at 3.3ns. I would assume these could go faster than the 305 I seem to be stuck at, so what is a solution to get the RAM faster? Is RAM affected by heat much like the GPU itself-- therefore would cooling the RAM increase it's overclocking ability--?

Any help on any of the above questions would be greatly appreciated!


May 19, 2003
Columbus, Ohio
i have the same card, and while i havent overclocked yet, i have seen a mod to the exact card where someone stuck a new heatsink on it, which is something i will do. just get a stock AMD heatsink from someone, drill 2 holes in it and secure it on there with some 80mm fan. i would bet that would cool down the card much better than the stock pos hs.