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Overclocking a FX-8320E on a GA-970A-DS3P motherboard

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New Member
Dec 16, 2016

I heard and read that the motherboard is not good at all for overclocking, which I'm a novice at and never done before. I would like to know if I can still do a little bit overclocking anyway, mostly for gaming improvement. Here are my PC specs:

CPU = FX 8320e (on stock cooler)
MB = Gigabyte 970a ds3p (rev.2.0) (Bios version=FC Date=06/01/2015)
RAM = Kingston 16GB DDR3 1866mhz (dual channel) (part number=KHX1866C10D3/8G)
GPU = Powercolor Red Dragon RX 460 2GB
PSU = Cooler Master Elite V2 550W
FANS = 5 intake, 3 exhaust

I also have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO that's new on the box unopened that I can use, but maybe I should just sell it if this PC won't be able to overclock that much anyway.

What do you think? if I can do it, am I going to gain some noticeable FPS on games? or, should I just forget about overclocking the CPU and sell my EVO 212? :confused:

Thanks, regards.
You're right your board is way under powered for an 8 core FX to go all out. You might be able to get in the 4.0 range though add a fan to the VRM and the back of the motherboard and if you stand any chanc at all you'll want to use the 212 to help keep the temps down
With the FX-8320E being a 95W CPU, that MB may handle a small OC but not sure, as for the 212 EVO, use it any way, it's a better cooler that the stock cooler that came with the CPU.
Thanks everyone, first I would like to try a light OC with the stock cooler to see if I gain any increase in my FPS. I have downloaded AMD Overdrive but I don't know how to use it yet. :p
Do your overclocking from the BIOS. There's a guide in my sig