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overclocking a geforce2 ultra

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New Member
Jun 19, 2001
I have a P3 550 mhz 256pc100 and a gladiac geforce 2 ultra. The original core clock was set at 250 and core memory was 458. I have set my memory to 468 and I really cant notice any signifacant difference yet running tribes 2 . I really would like to hear some other peoples experience with a similar situation. My main question is how much more should I try and push the memory and should I increase the core as well, or does it matter.
User the coolbits registry hack to open the options in the Nvidia drivers for overclocking. Then nudge the CPU and memory, run a game (like tribes or UT) or 3dmark, and see if you notice any artifacting or visible errors. Once you get the to the max, and see artifacting, then back off until you don't.

see my specs below for my own overclocking from 175/166

performance gain is nominal, but it's cool to say you've done it :)