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Overclocking a KT400, Athlon XP 2200, anyone know how to do this? (hows the cooling?)

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Oct 30, 2002
New Jersey
Overclocking a KT400, Athlon XP 2200, anyone know how to do this? (hows the cooling?)

Ok, my signature has my specs, 2200 Athlon, KT400, Geforce2 400 MX, Corsair 512 DDR 3200 RAM.

I have a server chassis , which gives me very good air flow. I curerently have two fans in that came w/ the chieftec case running at 4900 RPM, and there's room for 2 more in the front. I have stock HSF, and I am currently at default (13.5x133).

My goal is to reach 200 FSB so that I can fully utilize my DDR 400 ram. I want to get the lowest ****ing temp there is w/o using a prometia. So can someone please help me out here.

How does, SLK-800 w/ a Tornado 80 MM over it, and two more reg case fans for the front, arctic silver 3 for the heatsink w/ a good shim. How low do you think that would put my cpu if i'm already at 49c idle?

Can anyone tell me a really good combination to get my **** down to atleast 25c? What about a volcano 7+?

My question on water cooling: Does the complete water cooling kit come w/ everything u need to cool the processor? I've seen HD coolers n **** for water cooling, are those just add-ons or do you just get a water pump, block, and some tubes and need to buy everything else seperate?

ANyone else who shares a KT400 w/ Athlon XP 2200 or above , can you please help me out on the best way to OC this baby?

I have NO PCI cards, onboard gigabit lan and PC audio w/ usb 2.0, firewire i think as well, and an AGP card (geforce 2). How high could I raise my FSB before any of that **** started to go unstable? Tell me how to work the multiplyer & FSB for the kt400.

So all I really need is a GREAT video card , and i want to OC my FSB as much as possible. Someone please help me out.
If possible, can you tell me the best way to cool w/o using water as well? How low could I go w/o water and w/ water?
every other word is sh*t! No need my friend! Anyway, the slk-800 and tornado combo is good w/o watercooling, I don't have kt400 so can't help ya there.
use an slk800 or an ax-7 from thermaltake...unless you want dead ears go with a quieter fan like a ys tech or sunon or something about 50cfm..if you don't care bout noise get a tornado at 84cfm but its loud as hell unless you 7v it. With your memory, in bios you should have cpu:mem ratio, and you should be able to set that to get ddr400 mem right at 133fsb it would say something like 2:3 cpu(2):mem(3) cpu 133:mem200 make sense?. If you want the full 200fsb though you will need to unlock your chip and drop the multi to like 9x and then 200 so 9x200 = 1800 mhz or something like that. The only way to drop the multi is by unlocking your cpu. Do not do much overclocking on amd retail sink as it sucks
sk7 is a great heatsink, its better than the AX-7 and just about the same price...its a great cpu, and the sunon 84 cfm is very managable...esp if you get a rheostat with it...
What do you mean cpu:mem ratio?

I don't see any CPU:Mem ratio, i do see a mulitplyer, and my mobo comes unlocked already as it is a T-Bred Kt400. The multiplyer is set to 13.5x133. I can select 266, 333, or 400 at Ram Frequency or auto. I guess that's to skip auto detecting of how fast your ram is.

When I increase FSB those numbers will change though. Explain to me cpu:mem ratio please, I don't fully understand.
ok dont bother setting the ram higher than the cpu you wont see more than 2% increase that way. you probably have to unlock your cpu through the l1 bridges. once you unlock it set the multiplier low and raise your cpus fsb to get up to 200. you may need to raise the vcore a bit if you bring down the multiplier enough to keep the cpu in about the same mhz range you can possibly pull it off with the stock sink but id recomend that you get a better sink like the ax-7 or better witth the sunon 50cfm cus its a reasonable noise level or go all the way up to a tornado 84cfm if you feel you need the extra few degrees. personaly id water cool it for noise sake all you need is the cpu block a pump a radiator or bong(can get sub ambient temps) and tubing and your set.
yea all of that is worth well about 300 bucks or so, after this thurs ill only have like 160, or 120 after i spend it... and the frequency i have set to 400 or auto I believe.

My cpu does't like when I touch the multiplyer, but I did have it at 13.5x140 and it was running fine for some time.

I have no PCI cards, all of my stuff is onboard and I have a Geforce2 AGP card. How does the PCI/AGP Mhz still affect me for increasing my FSB?
It wold be to your advantage to look at some guides on the main overclockers.com website, Its quite obvious you haven't looked around there much and there is an abundance of info there that will really help you so it isn't repeated over and over on the forums. I've seen watercooling setups for $100-$200. $100 is an all in one system from tigerdirect (looks hokey but might work).
No matter how you change your multipliers in the bios they wont work unless you actually unlock your cpu. There is a guide somewhere around here or on the main site that will insruct you on how to unlock the 2200+ because it is different than the earlier chips. I would advise an AX-7 with a 50mm fan at least to get decent overcloking or your best bet would be just to get a watercooling setup (I'm getting all my watercooling gear from www.dangerden.com , there is a sticky in the watercooling section that will give you more sites to choose from). All the other info you need you will find on the main site I promise, so go look around and RESEARCH your a** off and stop saying sh*t, etc. so much. I take hours researching parts, tricks, etc. before I do some of them and It really helps.