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Overclocking a Leadtek Ti4400

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Sep 4, 2002
New Zealand
My goal is to get a decent fps in UT2K3, at highest settings :p I'm pretty close, I'm getting 30-40 fps now. It occasionally goes below 30 though. Its playable, but could definately be better.

Does anyone have any experiences with overclocking a Leadtek ti4400, using the stock heatsink? How much might I get, and how easy is it to fry the card?


Addicted Tweaker
Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Leaktek is one of the top OCer's card, so you shouldn't have any problem OCing it, just increase the GPU/MEM slowly, like +5/+5 at a time, and then test it. You can't fry a card that easily by just OCing it, a good indication on reaching your card's limit is Artifacts. If you see some, even a little, your card is telling you he's been pushed too far, and you know its time to bring the GPU/MEM back down a little.

As for the LeadTek's HSF, its a piece of junk IMO. If you take off the HSF for a look, you will discover that 50% of the time, the HSF itself isn't touching your ram at all, just the white thermal paste. But it should still manage to give you some mild OCing...