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Overclocking a Leadtek Ti4400

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Sep 4, 2002
New Zealand
My goal is to get a decent fps in UT2K3, at highest settings :p I'm pretty close, I'm getting 30-40 fps now. It occasionally goes below 30 though. Its playable, but could definately be better.

Does anyone have any experiences with overclocking a Leadtek ti4400, using the stock heatsink? How much might I get, and how easy is it to fry the card?
Leaktek is one of the top OCer's card, so you shouldn't have any problem OCing it, just increase the GPU/MEM slowly, like +5/+5 at a time, and then test it. You can't fry a card that easily by just OCing it, a good indication on reaching your card's limit is Artifacts. If you see some, even a little, your card is telling you he's been pushed too far, and you know its time to bring the GPU/MEM back down a little.

As for the LeadTek's HSF, its a piece of junk IMO. If you take off the HSF for a look, you will discover that 50% of the time, the HSF itself isn't touching your ram at all, just the white thermal paste. But it should still manage to give you some mild OCing...