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Overclocking a MSI Gaming X 1070

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New Member
Aug 13, 2016
Hi Guys,

im very new to overclocking and have been reading guides and watching videos on how to do this. My issue atm is that others on the internet are posting overclocks of:
1) core clock : +200Mhz
2) memory clock: +600 - 700Mhz

I am currently utilising the MSI Afterburner... but i cant even seem to get 50Mhz stable... at 50Mhz OC, total core clock is around 2k. and even then it crashes at Firestrike.

Current settings on MSI:
1) core voltage - stock
2) power limit - 126
3) temp limit (linkied) - 92
4) core clock - +50Mhz
5) memory clock - stock
6) Fan - auto

Based on the guide, i need to slowly up core. then up voltage if need be in tiny increments until my benchmarks are smooth. But i cant seem to use the core voltage slider / or input an offset on core voltage... im not sure why, i already checked the "unlock core voltage" setting, and its already the latest version.

im afraid without upping the voltage i cant even get minor increments in both core and memory clocks.

Is there something im missing here?

My system specs:
Aurora R4 Alienware
Bios : A11
Mobo: Alienware 0FPV4P
CPU: Intel i7-4820K @3.7 (currently OC'ed to 4.2 as allowed under Alienware)
GPU: MSI Gaming X 1070
RAM: 16GB DDR3 @ 1600
PSU: 875watts

Set power limit as high as it can go.. same with voutage and see where you can go. Voltage adjustments are minimal so cranking it up won't bother a thing. Just make sure it isn't throttling from hitting the power limit. ;)
The power limit is already at its maximum.

my issue is voltage slider and box seems to be locked. anyone know why this is so?