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Overclocking Advice (leadtek)

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New Member
Oct 29, 2002

I just bought a new Leadtek A250 LE MYvivo Ti-4200. I did some overclocks with WinFox II and tested with 3DMark 2001.

So far the card has taken everything I thrown its way without so much a a glitch. It seems to be happy at 330/650 , maybe even higher I havent pushed any further.

So what does this mean? Should I leave the card overclocked at this if it is running well, or should I only clock it up when I want the power?

Its a considerable performance boost with the OC on, so I would like to use it. I am just unsure of how much the card will take?

It has a BIG Heatsink and fan wrapped around the card, which looks like the ideal thing for cooling. I dont know how good its actually is though?

Does anyone know anything about the Leadtec Ti-4200 128MB card and how good its heatsink/fan actually are?

Also what sort of 'habit'should I have with OC? Should I find a point set it and leave it alone, or should I just change it up and down when I need the extra power?

Thanks, I just dont want to do something that will really kill the card. :)


Oct 12, 2002
as far as i have experienced, my 250TD ultra is a very bad overclocker....i can go up like 305/660 with rivatuner.
maybe it's my mobo, i'm waiting for my xp to arrive to test if it'll be better on the asus a7v333.
If not, then i prolly exchange this card