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Overclocking an old q660 on an Asus P5Q Deluxe

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New Member
Jul 20, 2012
Hi everyone!

A friend who upgraded his rig just gave me 8Gb DDRAM2 at 1066Mhz, and I know my Quadcore q660 does not need that high of frequency but I won't look a gift ram in the mouth :)

Anyways, my system is getting on in years and I'd like to squeeze more power from it and jump my 2.4 Ghz to 3.2 or more. I know a bit of the basic principles of overclocking but not that much. So I really need help.

First, am I gonna be able to have a 1:1 ratio? it would mean having a 533Mhz FSB if I'm correct, multiplied by 6 instead of the native x9 multiplier. Is this possible or do I need to settle on a 350+ and have a screwed up ratio? Those CPU are supposed to work well asynchronous if I read correctly somewhere.
If I have to settle to a lower FSB (on a overcloking guide some guys put their q660 at 372 but on a different mobo) do I need to underclock my memory or do I leave it as is? Any road, how do I do it?

Secondly, voltage, which ones should I set manually and to what amount? CPU, PCIE, RAM voltages?

Finally, any other things I should change on the BIOS settings?

My rig:
Asus P5q Deluxe
Quadcore Q660 2.4GHz 266 FSB G0 step
Power Cooler GX 750watts
Kingston HyperX PC8500 4x2g 1066Mhz

I know it's a tall order guys, but if someone could give me a good answer I'll be really grateful, I know you guys are all up in your i7 right now but have a thought for the poor guys who can't afford them yet :(
Thanks, it was really helpful! I'm gonna try 3.0Ghz and start from there, cheers mate.
3 GHz is a nice easy speed, feels like a New machine (all the basic system processes seem to have so much less impact on % CPU usage ^^ ) over the original 2.4GHz speed and still runs pretty cool at lowish volts - all while usually being easy to achieve

Heading onto 3.3 needs a little more volts and beyond that can get more fiddly depending on how high you are prepared to push the volts / how good your motherboard is + HSF (HeatSinkFan) are

Well, have fun with your testing and Good Luck :)