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Overclocking athlon xp Athlon XP 2500+

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Oct 23, 2009
I am new to overclocking.
I have an athlon xp 2500+ Barton
Frequency 1833 MHz
L2-Cache 512 KB
FSB 333 MT/s
Multiplier 11x
Voltage 1.65 V
TDP 68.3 W
Release Date February 10, 2003
Part Number AXDA2500DKV4D

I currently have it in an Abit KD7A mobo
I have increased the fsb and the multiplier but it wont post any higher than 1870 mhz. If I leave the FSB at 166 and increase the multiplier it still only posts at 1833. Does anyone know why this is happening and does anyone have this same cpu mobo configuration that can tell me what to set my settings to to achieve the highest overclock?


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Jul 31, 2004
You've probably got a locked multi. I don't remember what date they removed the ability to do a pencil mod. You'll need that to be able to OC anything but FSB. You may have to run your RAM at a lower ratio if it can't handle the higher FSB.


Apr 10, 2002
For a start, if your motherboard supports-it, you could change the fsb to 200 and essencially get a Barton 3200+ @ 2200mhz.

On what motherboard is this Barton installed?


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Nov 3, 2008
Abit KD7A was in the post. The NF ultra chipsets were the best for OC.

EDIT: should reach 400FSB by OC
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Oct 23, 2009
I had to change mobos I think something is wrong with the NB. Anyway, Im on an ASROCK K7VM3 mobo. I have set the fsb to 185/370 and the voltge to 1.8. Multiplier is still at factory 11. If I set the fsb any higher it will boot to Windows XP then reboot itself. Also at 185 fsb it locks up on stress test under pc wizard. From what I have read I should be able to achieve a 200/400 fsb X 11.5 multi at 1.8v. My cpu temp is at 48C. What am I doing wrong?
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May 7, 2006
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185 MHz for a stock setting of 167 is very close to the point where the PCI bus would be overclocked above 37 MHz, which most systems don't like very much.

Does that board lock the PCI bus speed at 33/66? If not that's the problem. Some boards have a setting to adjust the PCI bus speed, others have a setting to lock it at 33/66, and still others, like my old IWill 440, have no PCI bus control at all, so you may be stuck ...


Feb 18, 2002
Floyd, VA
i think i have both a mobile 2400+ and a 2500+, the mobiles were unlocked.....

i think both do the 3200+ easily....burned up all my NF2 v2.0 boards:cry:...

old times...good times....