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Overclocking Basics

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Jun 3, 2001
I'm a kid, I plan on getting a new computer, possibly overclocking it, so give me a little info here.
I want to get either the Tbird or Palomino (when does it come out) and I've been thinking about overclocking it. What are the inherent risks and is it worth it? I know a good deal about it thus far. I asked Ed about a HSF, he's pretty adamant about the Glaciator. Also, is it hard to do for the first time? And what about putting a pc together for the first time? More info as you need it. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to our fourms!!

The best thing I can tell you is to READ, READ, READ !!

The more you read now, the less aggrivation you will go thru later, by buying incompatable parts, poor cooling choices (ie, Gorbs), etc...

On the front page here, on the left hand side, is a list of "Tips and Techniques" with over 700 articles. Chances are high that any question you wight have as a "newbie", would be discussed in these various articles. There's stuff there, going back to the early Celerons and P II cpu's, up to the newest and greatest currently offered. Check it out!!

Then come on back into the fourms here (and read everything here, too), with any other questions you have that weren't answered by what you read in the "Tips and Techniques", and "FAQ's", and we'll be glad to help point you in the right direction to overclocking nirvana. Research is the biggest ally you can have, IMHO.

Read twice, before buying once, measure twice before cutting once, etc.... You get the idea. I've got a closet full of stuff, because I made hasty decisions, and bought stuff without researching them fully. If I could save you that grief, I surely would. It stinks when you get a part, only to find out it's incompatable with what you already have......

Good luck in your overclocking advertures! And again, welcome to the forums!

Mr B
Others have given you advice on where to get info...I'll give you advice on the "risk" involved in overclocking. You stated that you are a "kid". Does this mean your parents will be footing the bill for replacement parts in the event something tragic happens? If so then I'd lean on the cautious side. If you're parents are anything like mine were when I was young then they didn't like replacing stuff after I had broken it. If you're paying for parts with your own money (and I don't mean allowance), then you can be more aggressive. The more aggressive you get with overclocking the more risk there is involved.

I'd also ask, why do you want to overclock the system? Is it for the experience of doing it, saving money, or to play a game that requires more CPU speed? If it's the latter two then I'd say just get a 1gig T-Bird processor and leave it as is since these chips are fast and relatively inexpensive. If you want the experience and enjoy modifying things then go for it.

Cooling is the main savior in overclocking. Keeping things cool keeps them from breaking. It'll cost more up front, but will be worth it in the long run. Now you just gotta convince mom and dad that you need that water cooling unit (heh).