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Overclocking Beyond Coolbits Limit /w Win XP

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Feb 12, 2002
I have a Leakdtek GF3 Ti 200. I am using coolbits to overclock but I realize that I've hit the limits, I was wondering if there's any registry I can change or anything I can tweak to increase the overclocking range of the card ?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!:beer:
Use rivatuner, I tried to find the settings for someone with a GF4 Ti4200 and couldn't... so don't be bothered and just user rivatuner or powerstrip or the like...
will it override the coolbit.reg ? or do i have to uninstall coolbits ? even then, how can I uninstall a .reg file ??
Coolbit values are stored in registry in keys that are named after the Simpson family (Bart, marge, home etc)
Do a search in regedit for any of these.
Then set the value for GPU speed to the lowest avail in coolbits and then refresh the regedit window.
You will see that a value has changed and that value is also now the same as another value remember that other value (the key name) and then set the GPU speed to the value where you know your GPU is completly stable, prefrebly not to close to the edge.
Refresh regedit again, now that value has changed again as it did before, take that value and put it in the other value I told you to remember so that they are the same.
That's how you get beyond the Coolbit limitations.
I used this before but I don't have a videocard at the moment so I can't confirm that this method still works but I assume it does.
I know rivatuner is a lot better and easier but it's allways good to know that there is a way around it.
Yes you can edit the registry to do this but you will have to set your initial max overclock to load at startup for the Krusty key to show up(do a search with all the trees closed & highlight My Computer) then do the following:
  1. Copy the Krusty DWord Value;
  2. Edit the Bart DWord Value to reflect tha same value as Krusty
  3. Hit F5 to refresh & your done
Now the lowest clockspeed available will be +25% of stock clockspeed & enough adjustment to lock your 'puter up real good. Remember that when you go to boot up & your 'puter locks from the overclock you can always hit CTRL before the settings load(that annoying blink you get) so it will be bypassed.