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Jun 21, 2001
I have a question for you guys. Why buy a $80 hsf to o/c a 700 duron to 900 when the price different between the 2 cpu is only $33. Compubuzz.com is selling the duron 900 for $57 and the 700 for $24. Why not just buy a 900 and a Globalwin for a measley $20 then o/c that sucker to 1.2 g!

Ok, lets review, a duron700@900 with a Swiftech will cost ya $24+$80=104
while a duron [email protected] with a Globalwin will cost ya $54+$20=$74.

Bottom line? dont waste your money on a Swiftech. Besides, the sumbitch is noisy as hell!
Umm..OK, I'm a bit confused as to why you'd use a grea heatsink on the lesser speed and a cheap HSF on the higher speed....but whatever..

I'd probably just spend about $25-40 on either of 'em..
what do you do when you decide to get that 1.4gig athlon and you HAVE to get a $40+ hsf. By getting the cheaper hsf then, you are costing yourself more money down the road. Sure a swiftech is overkill for a duron 700(which can go higher than 900 with the swifttech) but its needed to oc a 1.4 or 1.33.