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Jun 21, 2001
First of all, dont kid yourself. O/cing a duron 700 to 1.4 gig with a swiftech? Hell, its virtually impossible even with the benefit of water cooling.
2nd, My point was not about whether or not you should buy a certain hsf. My point was you should not buy a hsf to achieve a certain clockspeed when its cheaper to buy that perticular clockspeed in the first place.
The Good Looking Ferengi speaks much truth. If chips didn't get faster every week it would be a different story. The point of overclocking is to get the most for the least. That's the way I see overclocking.
As I see it, overclocking and water cooling are a match made in heaven. If you go about it with the right frame of mind. It allows you to overclock to a reasonable speed , say 33 % over the chips rating . The second benefit and the one I enjoy, is that water cooling is very quiet !

I don't see the need for water cooling , five fans and a 100 watt pelt to get a chip to overclock 50 % . The cost of the cooling equipment is more than the chip of the speed your looking to achieve. Lets face it , a 1ghz Athlon is only $89.00 . Not to mention the cost of the energy to power the fans and the pelt. I would be real curious to see a study on that angle. At some point and time it becomes a catch 22. For you younger guys a catch 22 is a situation that can not be resolved via the method your using.

The one exception to the above is if you overclock to do what they say can't be done ! If thats the case enjoy, but don't worry you will grow out of that state of mind someday maybe. Well lets hope not ! LOL