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overclocking corsair vengeance pro 2133 c11 CMY32GX3M4A2133C11

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Apr 27, 2017
I guess I am loosing my mind but I have tried everthing. I am not a noob or an idiot I have done this before but for some reason I am finding an odd lack of information in the posts on forums about my setup, I guess its not as common as i thought.

I am trying to get my 32gb corsair vengeance pro kit (CMY32GX3M4A2133C11) to overclock to 2133. It will run stable at 1866 with the voltage set at stock values 1.5, however the timings are all out of wack. But basically my problem is getting it to run 2133 and boot to windows at all., Here is all I have tried...

tried the factory settings for 2133 which is 1.5v and manually set the timings to 11-11-11-27. BSOD
tried to adjust the DRAM voltage manually to 1.525 and 1.5 and manually set the timings to 11-11-11-27. BSOD
tried the stock memory profile 1 BSOD

I know that my motherboard supports up to 2133, and it even has a pre set xmp for corsair vengeance pro but still BSOD

I am currently stable at 1866 with timings of 11-13-13-34 voltage at 1.5

You would find it interesting to know that i did get it to boot to windows at 2133 but the timings were like 11-13-13-34. I am finding conflicting results what these timings mean for this ram kit

here is by build thanks for your help

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7 4820K @ 3.70GHz 31 °C
Ivy Bridge-E 22nm Technology
32.0GB DDR3 @ 933MHz (11-13-13-34)
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. X79-UP4 (SOCKET 0)
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Sorry for the late response. I have a similar setup and I want to write some things that could help you.

I have Asus P9X79 LE & 4930k. I am running Corsair Vengeance (not pro), 1.5V CL11 2133MHz 2x4, alongside a G-Skill RipJaws X 1.65V CL9 2133MHz. When plugging both of them I had to increase the RAM voltage to about 1.62V (probably could have gone with less), and timings of 10-11-11-35 (not sure about the last one - I'll check when I get home). I also have VCCSA of 1.15V.

Try increasing RAM capabilities in your BIOS and increase the voltage. 1.58V should definitely be safe. start with VCCSA of 1.1V, you may need to push it a bit higher.

Good luck.
4 months old... maybe he comes back?

Jhst in case he does....Id set xmp and raise system agent voltage.
Usually there's no issue, pretty sure MSI uses XMP on AMD boards. Also you won't have system agent voltage but CPU_NB voltage
For the most part FX CPUs do best with ram in the 1866-2000 range so you might have some issue that and the fact that this is what corsair has to say
Performance and Compatibility
Vengeance Pro Series memory is optimized for performance on the latest 3rd and 4th generation Intel® Core™ platforms. XMP 1.3 profile support makes stable overclocking easy and automatic.
That doesn't mean they won't work but I wouldn't expect them to just go at XMP either.
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i was looking in my bios and when i turn on XMP it automatically tries to use 2133mhz. i already know this wont work, tried before. it doesnt seem like it will allow me to change that either.....
I would have been surprised if it did. Try setting the ram manually to 1866 , set the dram voltage to 1.65 and then the main timings to 9-10-9-28 . Before you do that I would use F6 to set everything back to defaults reboot then try setting the ram manually as I described
thanks! i have had it to 1866 for the longest time. but the other stuff im kinda trying as i respond lol. never tried anything else. there are alot of setting for the timmings. i attempted 11-11-11-27 as thats what xmp seemed to want. is this correct for that? Untitled.png
also i notice it says 933 on the frequency. is that right? i have it set to 1866
933 is right DDR is double data rate the actual frequency is 933 but data transfer is 1866 since it sends two signals per cycle.
If those timings work that's fine just seems a bit loose most 4GB sticks will run 9-10-9-28 at 1866 those being 8 GB might need it slightly looser. You can always experiment and try to lower them a bit. The DDR voltage is good past 1.65v so don't be afraid to add a bit for stability
i set it to 10-11-10-27 @1.6v. are you saying 1.65 should be the highest i can safely go? if so i will try that.
seems to be good. havent had any problems or hickups. since adding a 120mm fan behind my motherboard i ran a stress test today and everything went ok.