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Overclocking CPU and Dual booting several different OSes..

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Tennis Holligan

Sep 27, 2003
Hi. I have a question concerning overclocking my CPU and Dual-booting multiple OSes. I currently have installed two OSes on my machine two WinXP partitions, one Linux Red Hat and pretty soon, i will have FreeBSD set up.

With that said, i wonder how all this 3 somewhat different Operating System would react to an increase of the CPU FSB and Core speed, whether it be, negative or possitive? Bare in mind, that i only use one partition for gaming -which is the main reason, why i want to overclock in the first place :D), the rest i just use for other porpuses. I wonder, if getting one partition stable enough - in this case the gaming partition, there won't be a negative effect on the rest of the OSes?

Any help, comments or sudgestions would be greatly appreciated.



Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
Do some intensive stability testing. If the hardware is stable in one OS, odds are its going to be stable in the others as well.

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Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
I know Linux can be more picky about ram than win9x oses but if its XP you are running as well as Linux and *BSD then they will probably all need about the same stability.

I remember once I had a stick of RAM go bad on me and Win98 didnt make a fuss but Linux didnt like it at all.


Senior Member
Dec 24, 2001
Shasta Lake, California
If your hardware is stable you probably won't have a problem. I use Gentoo and have a windows98 partition that I use occasionally on my main overclocking rig, with no problems. Of curse, I'm a little obsessive about stability.

Tennis Holligan

Sep 27, 2003
Thanks to all for the reply, i guess that all your answer and comments have giving me a depper understanding in overclocking.:)
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