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Overclocking Dual AMD Opteron 6328's

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New Member
Jan 23, 2019
Hello -

I've been using my home server for a few years now for home media, personal databases, and for various rest calls that I use for my applications - and up to this point, everything has been working great.

I wanted to add a few more tasks to it such has home monitoring/recording and a personal dedicated server for a game I've been playing and I'm thinking that my server might need a little more umpf

My specs are:
  • MotherBoard: SuperMicro H8DGU-F
  • Chips: Dual AMD Opteron 6328's "Abu Dhabi"
  • Ram: 64 GB's of PC3 10600
  • PSU: Dual 700w power supplies
  • OS: Windows Server 2016

I came across this website but I wasnt quite sure if it was going to work with my board and I wanted to double check with you guys before I did anything drastic.

So my questions are -
  • Can I overclock this system?
  • Should I overclock this system?
  • If so, what applications/method should I be using?

Thank you guys for any and all help


New Member
Jan 23, 2019
Yes I did read that thread which is how I found out about OCNG5 - but that thread nor the area51 development website specifies anyone having my board (H8DGU-F) and it also says on the website.

Q: What about dual-socket G34 boards?
A: They are currently unsupported simply because I don't own any. If you can sponsor or loan a unit for about 6 weeks I can work on porting the mod to it.

It does support this board though -
- H8DGi-F

which is nearly identical.

Could I brick my mobo if the flash isn't compatible or would I just get an error/restart?



Apr 19, 2012
IF you get that board to overclock, it probably won't go far without some extra voltage and cooling.

Can you brick a bios with a bad flash? Yes there's always a risk even if it's a correct bios for the correct board with no modifications.....

monitoring/recording and a personal dedicated server for a game I've been playing

You don't "need" to overclock for any of that. lol. I suppose this is a want thing. Sell your board and look for OC support on G34 with an Asus board ;)